Performance Improvement 2008. Does the Partnerships for Quality Program Improve the Rate of Research Translation and Quality?


This evaluation identified what Partnerships for Quality grantees sought to do, to what extent they succeeded, whether the partnerships contributed to grantee success accelerating the translation of research and evidence-based guidelines into practice, and how the funding agency´s infrastructure and program components contributed to this success. The Partnerships for Quality program aims to accelerate the translation of research findings into practice on a broad scale through partnerships led by organizations positioned to reach end users. The evaluation, largely qualitative in nature, involved document reviews, interviews, and observations of Council of Partners meetings. Researchers identified key participants and their linkages, and each participant´s critical questions. The framework included relevant tasks, decisions, and communications that each program component had to execute for the Partnerships to achieve their goals. The Partnerships for Quality provided grants to apply evidence-based practices to improve quality of health care and the health care system's readiness to address bioterrorism preparedness.

The Partnerships appeared to make a difference in health care by improving quality of care processes and outcomes for many. Additionally, quality of security and safety in some of the targeted health care organizations was also improved. Success depended on effective partnerships and working relationships among the lead grantee organizations, key collaborators and target organizations/providers. Participants who contributed to the success of grantee efforts were sponsoring agency leaders, program director, and grant management staff. Partnerships for Quality grantees did not have the scale of impact originally expected by program developers, or anticipated in the program announcement. Expectations were somewhat unrealistic, given the nature of the grants funded and the scale of the projects' goals. However, many grantees attained substantial accomplishments and generated lessons highly relevant to translating research into practice.

Report Title: Evaluation of AHRQ's Partnerships for Quality Program, Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
Agency Sponsor: AHRQ, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Federal Contact: Charlotte Mullican, 301-427-1495
Performer: Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.
PIC ID: 8807

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