Performance Improvement 2008. Does AHRQ Contribute to Child Health Policies, Clinical Practice, and Outcomes by Developing and Disseminating Knowledge?


This study assessed the extent to which the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: contributed and disseminated or translated new knowledge; improved clinical practice and health care outcomes; influenced health care policies with its children's healthcare activities; provided support for children's health activities; and involved children's health care stakeholders or created partnerships to fund and disseminate key child health activities.

Researchers developed a database of child health activities; identified publications derived from and the funding associated with these activities; sorted activities into categories and coded the resulting publications according to potential impact, determining the number of times the publications had been cited, and recording the impact factor of the journal in which the publication had appeared; and identified case studies and interviewed individuals and stakeholders associated with these studies.

AHRQ contributed a substantial body of new knowledge as a result of its funding for children's health research (extramural and intramural) and has disseminated this new knowledge effectively in the peer review literature. Bibliometric analysis, case studies, and key stakeholder interviews suggest that AHRQ´s child health care activities, along with other child health stakeholders, have played an important role in improving clinical practice and health care outcomes and in influencing specific health care policies. Interviews and case studies showed that although individual Agency staff performed heroically in assuring continued support for child health activities, there was a lack of authority or resources devoted to children's health that has limited Agency support for children's health research. AHRQ has pursued numerous connections with others, but primarily through participation on committees and task forces. AHRQ had mixed success involving children's health care stakeholders and/or creating partnerships to fund and disseminate key child health activities.

Report Title: Evaluation of AHRQ's Children's Health Activities. Report may be obtained from Federal Contact
Agency Sponsor:
AHRQ, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Federal Contact: Francis Chesley, 301-427-1449
Performer: Rand Corporation

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