Performance Improvement 2008. Do Faith-Based and Community Organizations Receiving Capacity Building Compassion Capital Funds Expand Capacity?


A survey was conducted February and March 2006, three and one-half years after grassroots organizations received capacity building funds under the Compassion Capital Fund. To obtain information about the experiences of organizations assisted during the first years of the program, this study surveyed a sample of 173 faith-based and community organizations (FBCOs). The organizations received capacity building assistance in the form of training, technical assistance, and financial assistance from intermediary organizations.

FBCOs were particularly positive about the extent to which Compassion Capital Fund support contributed to improved level or quality of services and improved organizational capacity. Ninety percent of FBCOs reported that the Compassion Capital Fund services contributed "to a great extent" or "somewhat" to improvements in these developmental areas. Eighty-eight percent reported that the assistance made a positive difference in improving their participants´ outcomes. Over three-quarters (79 percent) of the organizations indicated that the assistance helped improve their financial stability.

Report Title: Findings from a Retrospective Survey of Faith Based and Community Organizations: An Assessment of the Compassion Capital Fund,
Agency Sponsor:
ACF-OPRE, Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation
Federal Contact:
Nancye Campbell, 202-401-5760
Abt Associates Inc

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