Performance Improvement 2008. Do Efforts to Involve Parents in Their Kids' Pregnancy Prevention Programs Work?


The study assessed the effectiveness of parental involvement strategies to influence adolescent behavior in programs funded by the Office of Population Affairs; these included Title X (Population Research and Voluntary Family Planning) and XX (Adolescent Family Life Demonstration) programs of the Public Health Service Act. The assessment consisted of a literature review and site visits to five Title X family planning projects, five Title XX adolescent pregnancy prevention projects, and five Title XX pregnant and parenting adolescents care projects. The site visits collected qualitative data on parental involvement strategies used, barriers encountered and lessons learned. The literature assessment examined reproductive health programs with parental involvement components, and focused on those with the best available systematic evidence on the impact on adolescents' reproductive health attitudes and behaviors.

There was mixed evidence for effectiveness of parent involvement programs. A number of limitations to the best available studies were noted, suggesting the need for more evaluation effort in this area. The site visits made clear the difficulty of inducing parents to participate in such programs. Barriers to parental participation were pronounced. Obstacles included: logistics, psychosocial factors, relationship dynamics, and culture.

Report Title: An Assessment of Parent Involvement Strategies in Programs Serving Adolescents,
Agency Sponsor:
OPHS-OPA, Office of Population Affairs
Federal Contact:
Susan Dunnell, 240-453-2845
Performer: RTI International

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