Performance Improvement 2008. Are Users of Online Toxicological Information Resources Satisfied?


A series of focus groups were conducted to solicit user feedback regarding five on-line Web resources that are part of a site known collectively as "TOXNET," maintained by the National Library of Medicine. All five resources provide information on toxic chemicals, environmental health, and related areas. They include: (1) World Library of Toxicology, an international portal on toxicology resources; (2) LactMed, a database of information on the use of prescription drugs during lactation; (3) Tox Town, an interactive guide to environmental health and toxicology; (4) Environmental Health and Toxicology, a portal to databases and resources to assist professionals and laypersons in the environmental health and toxicology community; and (5) ToxSeek, a newly-developed web interface that performs metasearch and then clusters results from multiple sites and databases containing environmental health and toxicology information. Separate focus groups were asked to use the resources and provide comments/suggestions regarding how well the on-line information resources performed.

Reactions to the LactMed and Tox Town web sites were generally positive, reactions to the environmental health and toxicology website were enthusiastically positive, and reactions to ToxSeek and the World Library of Toxicology were mixed. Results from these focus groups have been used to refine the Web resources.

Report Title: Qualitative Research Studies
Agency Sponsor:
NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact: Cindy Love, 301-496-5306
Solomon Solutions, Mary Beth Solomon

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