Performance Improvement 2007. Who Wants to Know What About Sexually Transmitted Disease?



This comprehensive qualitative evaluation looked at who was using sexually transmitted disease (STD) surveillance data and the best ways of getting this information out to current and prospective data users. Various state, local, and private offices, organizations and individuals implement prevention, treatment, and control programs to preserve and promote sexual health. Fundamental program components include surveillance activities such as screening, counseling, and reporting; contacting and treating sex partners of infected individuals to decrease further transmission; and conducting community outreach. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognized that changes in technology and norms regarding information dissemination required a reevaluation of the methods used to distribute sexually transmitted disease surveillance data. The evaluation included interviews, web-based discussions, and analysis of surveillance report subscriber data.

The research revealed widespread agreement that the CDC office disseminating the information targets health state or local health directors, sexually transmitted disease program managers, and epidemiologists. Participants also agreed that students in various disciplines use the report. Very few people, however, said that they thought the surveillance report is meant for non-public health audiences. The participants suggested a wide range of potential users of STD surveillance data that may be classified into several broad categories: maternal/child health/family planning organizations, corrections agencies, policy makers, managed care organizations, and educational institutions.

Report Title: National STD Surveillance Data Dissemination-Who Wants to Know What?
Agency Sponsor: CDC-OD-OSI, Office of the Director, Office of Strategy Innovation
Federal Contact: Slaton, Terrie, 404-639-7647
Performer: Research Triangle Institute; Research Triangle Park, NC
PIC ID: 8296

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