Performance Improvement 2007. Who Is Aware of, Uses, and How Good Is the Information in a Community Preventive Services Guide?



Through a survey, researchers obtained information on awareness, use, and appraisal of information in the Guide to Community Prevention Services. The Guide summarizes what is known about the effectiveness, efficiency, and feasibility of interventions to promote community health and prevent disease. The Guide provides public health practitioners and decision makers with recommendations regarding population-based interventions to promote health and to prevent disease, injury, disability, and premature death, appropriate for use by communities and health care systems. The information in the Guide is developed by an independent, non-federal Task Force appointed by the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Task Force makes recommendations for the use of various interventions based on the evidence gathered in rigorous and systematic scientific reviews of published studies. The findings from the reviews are published in peer-reviewed journals and also available through the internet at

This evaluation obtained survey responses from state health directors, state chronic disease directors, Healthy People 2010 coordinators, and a sample of local/county health directors. More than half, 53 percent, of the decision-makers surveyed were familiar with the Guide. State-level decision-makers were more likely than local decision-makers to be familiar with the Guide. Of those familiar with the Guide, 61 percent had used it for their work and tended to encourage others to use it. The overall importance of relying on systematic scientific reviews of successful interventions supports the need to revise/update existing portions of the Guide and to develop additional sections for new prevention activities.

Report Title: Surveillance Survey for the Guide to Community Preventive Services
Agency Sponsor: CDC-OD-OSI, Office of the Director, Office of Strategy Innovation
Federal Contact: Slaton, Terrie, 404-639-7647
Performer: Research Triangle Institute; Research Triangle Park, NC
PIC ID: 8295

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