Performance Improvement 2007. Which Interventions Best Improve Communication, Contraceptive Use, and HIV and Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention Among Couples?



The study assessed use and effectiveness of "couples-focused" family planning program services supported with federal funds. A couples-focused service provider addresses issues related to a relationship by working either directly with both partners or indirectly by working with only one partner. The study examined several questions. What couples-focused approaches were being used in family planning clinics? How were couples-focused approaches viewed? What challenges were couples-focused efforts by family planning clinics coming up against and how could they be overcome? What ways could family planning clinics and programs involve couples in services? The study included: (1) literature review; (2) interviews with key sources, including Federal program administrators, researchers, and grantees working in various clinic settings; (3) site visits to four grantees; and (4) a day-long meeting with federal, academic, and service delivery participants.

There were three key findings. The definition and implementation of couples-focused services isn't uniform. Serving males in family planning clinic settings and building staff capacity to provide couples-focused services requires more effort. Providers of couples-focused services need more training to enable them to better serve their clients' communication, relationship and negotiation development skills.

Report Title: A Collaborative Evaluation of Strategies to Encourage Couples-focused Health Service Delivery in a Sample of Title X-supported Family Planning Clinics
Agency Sponsor: OPHS-OPA, Office of Population Affairs
Federal Contact: Panda, Pankaja, 240-453-2820
Performer: Health Systems Research, Inc.; Washington, DC
PIC ID: 8278

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