Performance Improvement 2007. What Role Should the Federal Government Play in Developing Electronic Personal Health Records?



This study explored the federal government's role in the emerging technology of personal health records. The study team interviewed 15 experts in key positions in the federal government and health care and health information technology fields. The team drew from presentations at two hearings on personal health record models. There was general agreement that the federal government should facilitate standards-based approaches to health data collection and exchange and finance and help disseminate findings from a wide range of experiments to find the most successful public health record models. The government could be most effective by avoiding two possible pitfalls: sponsoring a superficial, one-size-fits-all public health record, and allowing many agencies to offer independent pubic health records with little coordination or strategic vision. The real test for public health records would be whether they made it easier for ordinary people to engage more actively in maintaining their own health and health care with better communication, improved safety, enriched knowledge and confidence, and trusted safeguards of their privacy. The study team concluded that the federal government should take a lead role as personal health records evolve in order to help promote this new technology becoming a trusted, widely used tool.

Report Title: Identifying Appropriate Federal Roles in the Development of Electronic Personal Health Records: Results of a Key Informant Process
Agency Sponsor: OPHS-ODPHP, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Federal Contact: Harris, Linda, 240-453-8262
Performer: David Lansky, Susan Kanaan, Josh Lemieux; working under auspices of FACCT, Foundation for Accountability; Portland, OR
PIC ID: 8467

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