Performance Improvement 2007. What Is the Diabetes-Based Science Education Program for Tribal Schools Curriculum Project?



This study continued the multi-year development and evaluation of a K-12 diabetes education curriculum for use in Tribal schools and schools with a significant percentage of American Indian students. Nearly 15% (100,000) American Indian and Alaska Native adults receiving health care from the Indian Health Service have diabetes. It has become one of the most common and serious illnesses found among this population. This Phase III stage of the study documented the development process of the curriculum through the beta and field testing stages. Next, researchers and schools will conduct implementation testing of the (revised) curriculum during the fall of 2007. National launch of the curriculum is expected for the fall, 2008. Beta and field testing consisted of small curriculum components tested at different tribal sites at different times, to accommodate the fact that not all materials were available at the same time or were all sites ready to proceed on a single schedule.

The testing answered three broad questions. Is the program being developed as planned? Are program critical processes being implemented? Has the curriculum been developed into the expected output that meets its general goals? Data sources for the evaluation included: lesson-specific evaluation forms; web-based test forms generalized across several lessons; discussions at quarterly meetings; external advisory committee reviews; and site visits to classrooms. Based on the testing, researchers recommended adding a nationally focused teacher professional development component, developing a strategy for generalizing cultural components and applying these components from within the community where the curriculum will be taught, and maintaining a simple, clean, concise appearance to the curriculum materials.

Report Title: Phase III Evaluation Report: September 2006 Diabetes-Based Science Education Program for Tribal Schools
Agency Sponsor: NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact: Garfield, Sanford, 301-594-8803
Performer: PS International, Doug Coulson; Arnold, MD
PIC ID: 8460

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