Performance Improvement 2007. What Barriers to Accessing Discretionary Grants Do Native American Tribes and Organizations Face?



This study gathered the views of program officials of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and tribal representatives on program and regulatory barriers to American Indian, Alaska Native, and other Native American tribes and communities accessing HHS discretionary grants. The study identified for HHS the most significant barriers to and strategies for improving grants access for Native American tribes and organizations. The limited resources of Native American tribes and organizations were identified by both their representatives and by HHS program staff as a major barrier to such access. Limited resources make it difficult for Native American tribes and communities to: (1) learn about grant opportunities; (2) apply for grants that have matching requirements or limits on indirect costs; (3) prepare a successful grant application; and (4) develop and implement the infrastructure necessary to meet grants management requirements.

There was considerable agreement among study respondents on barriers and on strategies to reduce those barriers. Numerous strategies for overcoming these barriers were identified in three broad areas: strategies for obtaining grant announcement information, deciding to apply for, and preparing an application; strategies for grant review processes; and strategies for grant management. Within HHS, there are currently initiatives underway at the Department level or within specific agencies that are similar to several of the suggested strategies.

Report Title: Barriers to American Indian/Alaska Native/Native American Access to HHS Programs
Agency Sponsor: ASPE, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
Federal Contact: Landey, Alana, 202-401-6636
Performer: Westat, Inc.; Rockville, MD
PIC ID: 8286

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