Performance Improvement 2007. How Successful Has the U.S.-Mexico Tuberculosis Referral and Case Management Project Been and What Changes Are Needed?



Established in 2003, the goal of the US-Mexico Binational Tuberculosis Referral and Case Management Project was to build a system to ensure continuity of care for tuberculosis patients who cross the US-Mexico border. The project was a partnership between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Tuberculosis Program in Mexico. In the project, referral systems in each country registered eligible patients in a central database and provided data about their treatment to one another. An important outcome of the Project was the effective collaboration between health officials in the United States and Mexico. Patients were not asked about their immigration status. Health officials were able to bring infected tuberculosis patients to treatment regardless of their immigration status. Ongoing dialogue among health and government officials across the border ensured an understanding of the prevailing conditions affecting the health of people in the border area.

A major success of the Project was its formal integration into the detainee screening process at immigration control and enforcement facilities. The evaluators recommended expanding the Project to other areas, agencies, and diseases. Public health professionals and other involved public and private participants urged providing more information to the community about tuberculosis, the Project, and the health benefits of the Project. The majority of participants and community members interviewed felt that more funding was needed. Community participants agreed that efforts should be made to increase funding for program expansion, improve communication, support fieldwork, and bring additional sites into the Project.

Report Title: Evaluation of the U.S.-Mexico Binational TB Referral and Case Management Project
Agency Sponsor: CDC-OD-OSI, Office of the Director, Office of Strategy Innovation
Federal Contact: Slaton, Terrie, 404-639-7647
Performer: Battelle; Arlington, VA
PIC ID: 7985.1

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