Performance Improvement 2007. How Can Public Health Clinics Better Prevent Violence in Families and Between Intimate Partners?



This study identified promising practices in family and intimate partner violence prevention. These practices can be used by reproductive health clinics funded under Title X (“Population Research and Voluntary Family Planning Programs”) of the Public Health Act. The clinics are important access points because they typically serve young, low-income women. This population is at-risk for violence. The clinics may be the only contact that the women have with a health care provider. The clinics often have resource constraints. To be promising, a practice must be effective, possible and financially sustainable.

To identify promising practices, evaluators explored family and intimate partner violence prevention programs at nine clinics. Clinic directors, nurse practitioners, physicians, social workers, and health educators were interviewed. They were asked about policies, training materials and resources, and relationships with other organizations. They were also asked about barriers to and ways to facilitate violence prevention activities. The research team toured the clinics and reviewed materials and resources used by them. The team conducted a literature review of the topic under study and interviewed state and federal staff overseeing the clinics.

The study identified promising practices in four areas: training, screening and intake, clinical evaluation, and follow-up and referral. Examples of these promising practices identified included: role playing as part of clinician prevention training, recognizing patients experiencing family or intimate partner violence, methods to help women safely and confidentially leave abusive situations, and ways to identify and work with community organizations to extend clinic services.

Report Title: A Collaborative Evaluation of Family and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Activities in Title X Clinics
Agency Sponsor: OPHS-OPA, Office of Population Affairs
Federal Contact: Panda, Pankaja, 240-453-2820
Performer: Battelle; Arlington, VA
PIC ID: 8277

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