Performance Improvement 2007. How Can Information on Clinical Trials Most Effectively Be Provided to Spanish-Speaking Users?



The National Library of Medicine (NLM) maintains a Web site with information about clinical trials, This study assessed how well a Spanish language prototype of was received by Spanish-speaking users. The study included practical usability testing and interviews. The study was performed for NLM's Consumer Health Research Program. This program's objective is to develop tools that assess consumer health texts in order to better match documents to consumers' abilities. The study included a series of task scenarios to assess whether users were able to navigate easily through the site and comprehend the content of the site.

The study determined overall how satisfied users were with the clinical trials Spanish-language Web site. It also included one-on-one interviews with 16 participants from the eight target groups. Participants liked that the information provided was available in Spanish, was short and was easy to comprehend. Most participants found the information helpful but not sufficient to completely understand the purposes of individual clinical trials or what they entailed. Participants found the site easy to navigate and liked that the search engine was well located and easy to find. Participants with lower literacy levels had more difficulty. Participants liked that the home page provided several options to finding information. Several participants commented that the site and the information were well translated.

Report Title: Process Evaluation to Assess the Usefulness and Effectiveness of Spanish Language Prototype for Spanish-Speaking Consumers, and of Abbreviated Displays of Records
Agency Sponsor: NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact: Tse, Tony, 301-402-7789
Performer: Bearing Point, Inc.; McLean, VA
PIC ID: 8398

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