Performance Improvement 2007. How Can Educational Efforts to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Be Strengthened?



This study analyzed how information about noise-induced hearing loss is being made available to the public, how a program called "WISE EARS!" has contributed, and provided information for future campaign efforts for prevention. WISE EARS! is a campaign of national, regional, and local organizations, volunteers, and state and local government agencies. The coalition's objectives are to increase awareness and motivate audiences to take action by understanding the problem and its solutions. Researchers reviewed scientific literature and media coverage and examined WISE EARS! materials. Researchers analyzed publication distribution information, reviewed non-governmental programs related to noise-induced hearing loss, and interviewed coalition members. The study produced recommendations in three categories.

Program recommendations included giving the campaign higher priority within the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders and conducting a comprehensive evaluation. Strategic recommendations included focusing on a specific target audience and selecting partners and delivery channels with the highest potential to attract and engage this audience. Researchers further recommended reaching additional audiences by supporting programs conducted by other organizations. Tactical recommendations included conducting more aggressive and responsive media outreach and making greater use of communication technology. Coalition members recommended that the Institute develop hearing loss-prevention materials for a more targeted audience. They also recommended focusing the campaign on youth, ages 9-14, and distributing materials more aggressively through the Web, mass media, and through partner organizations.

Report Title: WISE EARS!® Campaign: Coalition Member Interviews/ WISE EARS!® Campaign: Environmental Scan
Agency Sponsor: NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact: Blessing, Patricia, 301-496-7243
Performer: ORC Macro; Rockville, MD
PIC ID: 8455

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