Performance Improvement 2007. Did an Education Booklet for Survivors Increase Their Knowledge and Coping Skills Following Cancer Treatment?



This evaluation examined whether reading a particular cancer treatment education booklet, "Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment," increased patients' knowledge about post-cancer treatment issues and their ability to cope with these issues. The booklet, part of a series, was produced by the Office of Special Initiatives as a patient and caregiver resource for the six-month period after cancer treatment. Three surveys were given to patients at four cancer centers who had recently completed a course of treatment. Many respondents read the booklet and indicated that it was helpful, specifically for getting follow-up care, identifying common side effects, and better understanding feelings and changes in relationships. On the other hand, respondents reported that they did not know how to handle certain symptoms or side effects, even though the booklet specifically mentioned ways to relieve them. A larger percentage of the patients reported an increase in knowledge of issues than confidence in handling those issues. Also, a larger percentage of the patients reported increased confidence in handling issues than an intention to act upon those issues. Although an initial hypothesis of the study was that the impact of reading the booklet would diminish over time, there was no general indication that this happened. Study findings were being used to revise the booklet.

Report Title: Evaluation of the "Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment" Booklet
Agency Sponsor: NIH, National Institutes of Health
Federal Contact: Solomon, Felicia, 301-594-8989
Performer: ORC Macro; Calverton, MD
PIC ID: 8358

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