Performance Improvement 2006. Violence and Suicide Reduction-Methodologic Training and Information Synthesis


This proposal responded to the Director’s Child and Adolescent Initiative and addressed five of the 21 critical objectives for youth in Healthy People 2010 objectives. Given the focus of the present application is capacity building for tribal leaders to collect information as it relates to self-directed and other directed violence, this proposal addressed the following 2010 objectives: (1) Reduce homicides from year 2000 baselines; (2) Reduce suicide attempts to 1 percent; (3) Reduce suicide rates; 4) Reduce the percent of youth involved in physical fights; 5) Reduce the percent carrying a weapon to school to 4.9 percent.

PIC ID: 7965; Agency Sponsor: IHS, Indian Health Service; Federal Contact: Melton, Debbie, 301-443- 4700; Performer: Indian Health Service, Rockville MD

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