Performance Improvement 2006. Summary report on Needs Assessment of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) Pediatric Rheumatic Diseases CD- ROM


NIAMS developed a CD-ROM to provide pediatric rheumatic diseases health care professionals with information in an easy-to-use format so they could better serve their patients. NIAMS contracted with Circle Solutions, Inc. to assess the content, presentation, and usability of the CD-ROM. The study design entailed mailing the CD and one of two different feedback forms to reviewers, and direct observations of 11 reviewers. An array of health care professionals reviewed the CD-ROM, particularly health care professionals involved in pediatric rheumatology. The reviewers’ consensus was that the CD-ROM provides convenient access to helpful literature. They particularly liked the utility of the print-friendly publications, Web site links, the Arthritis Foundation materials, and the information from the professional reference guides. Several reviewers recommended improvements in navigation: (1) Have documents open in a smaller view; (2) Have an easier means to return to the CD-ROM from a PDF document or Web site; (3) Update the NIAMS publication order page Web site link; (4) Improve the primary means of navigation (welcome page or bookmarks); (5) Make the links more visible in certain sections; (6) incorporate a keyword search function; (7) Make the “Tips for using this CD-ROM” briefer.

PIC ID: 8207; Agency Sponsor: NIH-OD, Office of the Director; Federal Contact: Peterman, Wilma, 301- 496-8271; Performer: Circle Solutions, McLean, VA

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