Performance Improvement 2006. The Role of Health Insurance in Successful Labor Force Entry and Employment Retention


This report is one in a series developed by The Lewin Group and its subcontractors, Berkeley Policy Associates and Cornell University, for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), in connection with the study, “Research on Employment Supports for People with Disabilities.” For this project, we reviewed available studies and literature, and collected detailed information on the experiences of people with significant disabilities who are successfully and competitively employed, the events and factors affecting their employment decisions, the relative importance of specific factors, and the reasons for successful and unsuccessful employment attempts. The goal of the study was to gain a better understanding of the role supports play in the employment of people with disabilities. In particular, the study aimed to identify the role(s) supports play in two key areas: providing assistance to people with significant disabilities to participate successfully in competitive employment, and improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities. This project is unique among the many investigations of the factors affecting the employment of people with disabilities, in that it focuses on those who have achieved a measure of success in employment, and the factors contributing to their success.

PIC ID: 7346; Agency Sponsor: ASPE-ODALTCP, Office of Disability, Aging, and Long-Term Care Policy; Federal Contact: Frank, Andreas, 202-690-6443; Performer: The Lewin Group, Fairfax, VA

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