Performance Improvement 2006. Revised Methodology to Adjust AI/AN Mortality Data to Compensate for Under Reporting of AI/AN Race on State Death Certificates


The project purpose is to replicate the previous study completed in November 1996 using current National Death Index (NDI) data and current Indian Health Service (IHS) patient registration data to develop   more current race reporting adjustment factors to use for state mortality record adjustment purposes. This study was completed in two phases. Phase I involved using the NDI, which is maintained by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), to develop estimates for each Indian Health Service Area and for each reservation state or the proportion of American Indian and Alaska Native deaths that occur each year that are reported by state Vital Statistics Offices to the NCHS as non-Indian deaths. The data indicated which states have significant problems in under-reporting of Indian race on state death certificates, and thereby warrant the attention of IHS to mount corrective actions at the state and local levels. In the second phase of this project a contractor performed an analysis of the data obtained during the first phase. This analysis involved aggregation of data by the deceased’s age and sex, IHS Area Office and state of occurrence, and cause of death (cause of death is contained on records contained in the NDI file).

PIC ID: 7964; Agency Sponsor: IHS, Indian Health Service; Federal Contact: Melton, Debbie, 301-443- 4700; Performer: Indian Health Service, Rockville, MD

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