Performance Improvement 2006. Redesign Outcome Evaluation


This report summarized the results of an evaluation of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)’s website performed in the last half of 2004. The purpose of the evaluation was to determine the effectiveness of the redesign that was launched in June 2004. Although the entire site was included in the evaluation, the “Research” and “Careers & Training” tiers were specifically targeted for review since they received the most radical restructuring in the redesign. The evaluation included feedback from both external visitors and internal staff members. Many internal staff members not only use the site regularly, they also provide the material for the site. Their participation in the ongoing curation of the site’s content was key to the success of the site. Major findings include the following strengths: (1) The new navigation scheme worked well for helping visitors find information; (2) The new layout in the “Careers & Training” section worked well; (3) The revamping of the “Research” section was mostly successful, but needed some adjustments. Major findings include the following weaknesses: (1) The extramural program pages were confusing for visitors; (2) External visitors noticed that the research tools hosted on a related server were out of date and poorly maintained; (3) There were ongoing difficulties in fully engaging internal staff members in the maintenance of the site’s content. The remainder of the report provides details for the findings, and recommendations for addressing them.

PIC ID: 8170; Agency Sponsor: NIH-NHGRI, National Human Genome Research Institute; Federal Contact: Bartlett, Maggie, 301-594-0632; Performer: Lynn Baumeister, Silver Spring, MD

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