Performance Improvement 2006. Feasibility Study for the NIDA Science-Based Drug Education Project Entitled “NIDA Goes Back to School.” - Final Report


In September 2003, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) launched its NIDA Goes Back to School (NGBTS) Campaign. NGBTS is designed to promote NIDA as the source for science-based information on drug abuse, announce the NIDA for Teens Website, and highlight opportunities to order NIDA’s free science-based materials for school-aged children. This feasibility study refined the evaluation questions, identified the optimal evaluation methodology, and determined the feasibility of, and resources necessary for, a full-scale evaluation. The contractor collected and analyzed data from focus groups, individual interviews, school site visits, and secondary data sources. The school site visits and interviews demonstrated the usefulness of the NGBTS materials, but also illuminated obstacles teachers face incorporating new materials into their curriculum. Based on the evaluation of existing data, such as website usage and publication orders, it was determined that a full-scale evaluation is feasible. A mixed- method data collection strategy and multilevel study design was recommended. By examining NIDA’s current dissemination strategies and identifying more efficient and cost-effective approaches to reach a multitude of target audiences, a full-scale evaluation of the NGBTS program will provide NIDA with the tools necessary to ensure the rapid and effective dissemination of NIDA’s science education materials.

PIC ID: 8191; Agency Sponsor: NIH-NIDA, National Institute on Drug Abuse; Federal Contact: Palmquist, Lanette, 301-443-6036; Performer: CSR Incorporated, Washington, DC

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