Performance Improvement 2006. Evaluation of the Role of Epi Info in Public Health


Epi Info is a series of public domain computer programs for rapid questionnaire design, data entry, statistical analysis, mapping, and graphing designed for use by public health professionals. Recent events related to bioterrorism have brought to the forefront the need for flexible data gathering, management, and analysis software in the hands of communities where new monitoring systems may be necessary within hours. The goals of this evaluation are to provide information on: (1) The impact of Epi Info use on domestic and international public health; (2) The degree of Epi Info use, as well as relevant informatics needs and current technological access capabilities among public health professionals; (3) Improved development methods and an ongoing system for evaluation in the future, with defined outcomes and performance criteria. Information will be used to inform the future software development.

PIC ID: 7871; Agency Sponsor: CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Federal Contact: Yoon, Steven, 404-639-8331; Performer: Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, VA

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