Performance Improvement 2006. Evaluation of the Office of Minority Health Resource Center (Final Report)


The purpose of this project was to determine the effectiveness of the Office of Minority Health Resource Center’s (OMH-RC’s) ability to develop and disseminate minority health resources and information to target audiences. An evaluation instrument and protocol developed in a previous evaluation of the OMH- RC was examined to determine the extent to which it required revision based on lessons learned from the previous study, programmatic improvements within and new activities of the OMH-RC, and other relevant information and research literature on evaluation of similar efforts. The instrument and protocol were revised accordingly, and generated the following kinds of information about user satisfaction with the OMH-RC: quantity and quality of information provided in response to written or telephone requests, e- mail inquiries, and website searches; variety of services OMH-RC offers in literature searches, database retrieval, conference schedules, convention exhibits, Internet access, and resource referral; timeliness, relevance, and applicability of OMH-RC technical assistance workshops; and utility and usability of methods that OMH-RC uses in disseminating minority health information and resources. A number of items contained in the customer satisfaction questionnaire were added to elicit and capture direct user feedback using open-ended responses. The items provided respondents with the opportunity to identify any information gaps or to make suggestions for additional services OMH-RC might consider adding to its menu of services. Key findings were: (1) Develop current and new staff’s customer service delivery skills; (2)  Improve OMH-RC’s Information Technology Infrastructure; (3) implement customer service feedback loops; (4) Expand efforts to market OMH-RC services; (5) Develop printed materials. Based on recommendations made by the final report, next steps will include periodic training to improve staff’s customer service delivery; IT infrastructure modifications to gain Web site improvements; implementation of viable customer feedback loops; expanding exhibit activities to market services; and developing more in-house printed materials to TA services.

PIC ID: 7862; Agency Sponsor: OPHS-OMH, Office of Minority Health; Federal Contact: West, John I., 240-453-8833; Performer: Cosmos Corporation, Bethesda, MD

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