Performance Improvement 2006. Evaluation of Non-Participants in the Smallpox Vaccination Program


The purpose of this project was to determine: (1) Why persons choose not to be vaccinated with smallpox (vaccinia) vaccine in the Stage I vaccination program; (2) Why individuals opt out of the vaccination program after the pre-screening process but before presenting for vaccination; (3) Why individuals who present for vaccination choose not to be vaccinated. The study includes health care workers (HCWs) and public health personnel. Results will be used to evaluate the performance of the State I vaccination program and to help identify areas of potential later stages. By identifying the rates and reasons for nonparticipation, CDC will be able to better understand the perceived barriers and educational needs. The threat of the use of biological agents (including smallpox) as biological weapons remains a major concern for the United States. Information collected from this evaluation will be used to enhance planning for other vaccination programs that might need to be directed toward adults and/or health care staff in preparation for or in response to a deliberate, malicious, and catastrophic release of bioterrorism agents or emerging infectious diseases.

PIC ID: 7935; Agency Sponsor: CDC-NIP, National Immunization Program; Federal Contact: Dietz, Sue, 404-639-0210; Performer: Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC

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