Performance Improvement 2006. Evaluation of the Health and Research Outcomes of Technologies Licensed by the National Institutes of Health


This evaluation examined the feasibility of developing new metrics for measuring technology transfer outcomes. These new metrics are to focus on the manner and extent to which products resulting from technologies developed in National Institutes of Health (NIH) laboratories and transferred to commercial partners are meeting the NIH mission of advancing research to ultimately improve public health. The evaluation involved a literature review of adequate and acceptable methods that can quantitatively and qualitatively assess the public health effects of drugs and vaccines. A systematic review of these methods enabled the creation of a menu of tools and metrics to be applied in improving health and research outcomes of the products resulting from technologies developed in NIH laboratories. Additionally, the evaluation assessed the usefulness of these final metrics, recommended tools, and identified data sources through application in a segment of products. Recommendations include a focus on products with research and health impacts, and usage of multiple methods to assess effectiveness. Other key recommendations for the evaluation included the following: (1) The creation of tailored processes and measurement tools to automate data collection and analysis; (2) Repeat assessments throughout the life of a technology; (3) Selecting key technologies to perform in-depth assessments; (4) Developing a  process for incorporating metrics into clinical trials and research studies; and (5) Evaluating the use of small expert surveys to supplement information gained from secondary data sources.

PIC ID: 8204; Agency Sponsor: NIH-OD, Office of the Director; Federal Contact: Elliott, Cerise L., 301- 435-5294; Performer: Research Triangle Institute, Waltham, MA

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