Performance Improvement 2006. Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), 2003: Area Profiles of Drug-Related Mortality


DAWN is a national surveillance system that monitors drug-related visits to hospital emergency departments and drug-related deaths investigated by medical examiners/coroners (ME/Cs). This annual publication presents profiles of drug-related deaths reported to DAWN by ME/Cs in selected metropolitan areas and States. For 2003, 122 jurisdictions in 35 metropolitan areas and 126 jurisdictions in six States submitted mortality data to DAWN. The publication profiles each metropolitan area and State separately, with participating and non-participating jurisdictions listed. In addition, each profile summarizes the number of deaths and rate per 1,000,000 population, the place of death, causes of death, and death rates by gender and age categories, and the specific drugs involved. All findings are presented separately for suicides (with drug involvement) and deaths involving drug misuse. A separate section of “spotlights” presents similar information for individual jurisdictions, typically the most populous county or counties in  a metropolitan area. DAWN, which is one of three major surveys conducted by SAMHSA, provides a uniquely detailed view of some of the most serious consequences of substance abuse.

PIC ID: 8260; Agency Sponsor: SAMHSA-OAS, Office of Applied Studies; Federal Contact: Ball, Judy K, 240-276-1256; Performer: Westat, Inc., Rockville, MD

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