Performance Improvement 2005. The Welfare-to-work Grants Program: Enrollee Outcomes One Year After Program Entry --- Report to Congress


This report, one in a series produced under the National Evaluation of the DOL Welfare-to-Work (WtW) Grants Program, is the second of two required reports to Congress under the study. The report presents findings from the outcomes analysis component of the evaluation, and describes the characteristics and subsequent experiences of enrollees in WtW programs in 11 study sites. Main findings address the characteristics of program enrollees; the nature of the services they received; and their outcomes in terms of employment, hours worked, wage rates, job benefits, TANF receipt and poverty status. Findings include: 1) Consistent with the profile of TANF recipients nationwide, WtW enrollees in most study sites were predominantly female, unlikely to be married, and typically a member of a racial minority. 2) In most study sites, services were consistent with PRWORA’s emphasis on rapid employment, such as job readiness training and job search/placement assistance. 3) One year after entering WtW, enrollees were much more likely to be employed than upon program entry; nevertheless, in only three sites were most enrollees employed at the end of the year. It took those who worked an average of 4 to 5 months to find a job if they did not have one at enrollment. 4) One year after enrollment, rates of TANF receipt were significantly lower in 8 sites, but in 2 of the 11 sites, less than half of enrollees were employed and off TANF after one year. Incomes were low and poverty rates were high for enrollees in all sites, but poverty rates were lower among employed enrollees.

PIC ID: 8122; Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OHSP, Office of Human Services Policy; Federal Contact: Landey, Alana, 202-401-6636; Performer: Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., Princeton, NJ

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