Performance Improvement 2005. A Study of Work Participation and Full Engagement Strategies


This study examined eight sites that assess all adult welfare recipients and require them to seek employment. When TANF is reauthorized, it is likely that all states will be required to adopt such policies. The study identified the strategies and practices the sites use to promote full employment, including: full employability assessments; ongoing case management; work experience placements; and placement of recipients who are not ready for employment in various activities, including those excluded by the federal work-participation rate. Ways the study identified to encourage recipients and case managers to take seriously the goals of maximizing participation and promoting work included: emphasizing the importance of work, tracking participation, and using the sanction process to encourage non-participants. Identification of these methods to encourage job-seeking activities will help policymakers determine goals for TANF programs and help program administrators seeking high work and work-related participation levels.

PIC ID: 8104; Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OHSP, Office of Human Services Policy; Federal Contact: Lower-Basch, Elizabeth, 202-690-6808; Performer: Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., Washington, DC

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