Performance Improvement 2005. Strengthening Tobacco Control Decision-making Strategies


The purpose of this project was to summarize a series of informal discussion groups that explored the extent to which evidence-based interventions are being used by tobacco control programs, the utility of the Guide to Community Preventive Services in promoting the use of evidence-based intervention, and the use of workshops as a method to promote and facilitate the use of the Community Guide. CDC conducted a series of one-day workshops, “Strengthening Tobacco Control Decision-Making Strategies: Making Sense of What Works” which presented the science underlying effective interventions for building a comprehensive tobacco control program and featured the Community Guide as an important resource to use in guiding intervention strategies. The results suggest that the workshops were effective in promoting awareness of how the Community Guide findings support existing research and new efforts; that increased and more comprehensive dissemination efforts among local health departments and advocacy and coalition groups are warranted; and that including more detail in the guide, such as cost, time, and demographic information would provide further support for using the Community Guide.

PIC ID: 8092; Agency Sponsor: CDC, Centers for Disease Control; Federal Contact: Beeker, Carolyn, 404-498-6289; Performer: ORC Macro, Calverton, MD

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