Performance Improvement 2005. Serving TANF and Low-income Populations Through WIA One-stop Centers: Report on Highlights of Site Visits


ASPE initiated a study of Work Investment Act (WIA) and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) coordination to better understand and assess the degree to which TANF and WIA programs work together to further their mutual policy goals at a time when both programs were undergoing congressional reauthorization. The report presents information on how WIA participation and services for individuals receiving TANF and other low-income populations may be affected by TANF and WIA program context, management structures, policies, and administrative arrangements. Findings are based primarily on in-depth visits to seven purposively selected one-stop centers: Anoka County, MN; Dakota County, MN; San Angelo, TX; Round Rock, TX; Bridgeport, CT; West Oxnard, CA; and Edgecombe/Nash Counties, NC. Major findings include the following: 1) Successful WIA/TANF program coordination is promoted where program management functions, case management functions, and administrative systems are shared across agencies. 2) Successful coordination is promoted where WIA and TANF line staffs are co-located and/or communicate regularly to discuss specific cases and policies. 3) Effective coordination may be inhibited by differing institutional cultures and a lack of knowledge and understanding of policy and procedures across agencies. 4) WIA participation among TANF clients and other low-income populations is higher where local WIA agencies make a commitment to focus intensive and training services on those clients. 5) WIA participation among TANF clients and other low-income populations is thought to be more effective where training services are appropriate to local labor markets for low-income and entry-level workers. 6) Study sites have implemented several innovations and promising approaches to improving WIA/TANF coordination.

PIC ID: 7908; Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OHSP, Office of Human Services Policy; Federal Contact: Landey, Alana, 202-401-6636; Performer: Abt Associates Inc., Cambridge, MA

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