Performance Improvement 2005. Review of the International Training and Research Program in Population and Health


This review focused on the past ten years of activities of the International Training and Research Program in Population and Health (ITRPH), which enables universities and non-profit research institutions to support international training and research programs for foreign scientists from developing nations in population-related sciences. This review focused on the areas of Program Planning, Program Management (Project Selection, Recruiting Talent, Program Components, Institutional setting, Human Subjects and Fiscal Accountability), Partnerships and Communication, and Results. The panel observed that the program was progressing successfully, and raised several issues to consider. Issues included: (1) broadening the geographical and topical scope of ITRPH research to facilitate new collaborations, (2) establishing a better set of evaluative criteria to measure and report on local capacity building, including some sort of long-term trainee-tracking system, (3) involving foreign scientists in the proposal review process, (4) strengthening of communications and reporting to NIH partners, (5) revising the trainee selection process to have a more formal ICC role and a focus on transparency, (6) expanding the FIC’s goal of creating “Centers of Excellence” to include “research networks” in countries without strong central research institutions, and (7) further emphasis on the importance of trainee return by employing positive and negative incentives.

PIC ID: 8137; Agency Sponsor: NIH-FIC, Fogarty International Center; Federal Contact: Kupfer, Linda, 301-496-3288; Performer: Abt Associates Inc., Cambridge, MA

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