Performance Improvement 2005. Prevention: a Blueprint for ACTION


A Blueprint for Action, the latest activity in the HHS “Steps” initiative, outlines simple steps that individuals and interested groups can take to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage healthy behavior. The Steps initiative is founded on a growing body of research showing that small, simple steps can often prevent or control chronic diseases. Its goal is to reverse the growth in the number of people suffering from diseases like asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke, as well as factors that contribute to them such as obesity and tobacco use. The intent of “Steps to a Healthier US” is to reach the broadest number of Americans by using multiple approaches and involving groups and organizations to foster good health, physical activity and good nutrition. To date, these approaches have focused on communities, businesses and organizations, and the actions that they can take to influence individuals’ choices and actions to improve health. This report provides an overview of these efforts. First, it highlights the problems and challenges in these areas. Then, based on a series of roundtable discussions between the Secretary and various interested stakeholders, it delineates specific action steps that individuals, communities, insurers, employers, healthcare providers, and other public and private entities can take. Finally, it profiles HHS activities that address these challenges, reports on progress and accomplishments, and identifies opportunities for additional action. This “Blueprint for Action” will create a template for collaborative efforts to improve the health and well-being of all Americans.

PIC ID: 8072; Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OHP, Office of Health Policy; Federal Contact: Mazanec, Mary, 202-690-6051; Performer: Assistant Secretary for Policy, Evaluation, and Research, Washington, DC

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