Performance Improvement 2005. National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (niams) Usability Testing


A Web Site Usability Study was conducted by Human Factors International (HFI) to evaluate the current NIAMS public website design for usability and accessibility, and to provide recommendations about changes that could be made to improve the user experience. The study revealed several issues with the website: 1) Top level organization: Research and training link names did not reflect content contained within. 2) Some information was difficult to find, for example, Budget info, NIAMS address, and policy information. 3) Integration with NIH. There are dozens of links to NIH, the integration between the sites needs to be better. 4) Search function results were poor, the whole site was not searched. 5) The intramural site is completely separate from the main site, where it should remain. 6) The graphic appearance of the site as whole was boring. Based on this study, HFI highly recommended that a redesign of the NIAMS website be done.

PIC ID: 8123; Agency Sponsor: NIH-OD, Office of the Director; Federal Contact: Rosen, Robert, 301-496-0799; Performer: Human Factors International, Fairfield, IA

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