Performance Improvement 2005. Maximizing the Impact of Policy-related Research: Lessons From the Child Health Insurance Research Initiative (chiri)


The Child Health Insurance Research Initiative (CHIRI) funded research on the State Child Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP), fostered collaboration between researchers who examined data across multiple states, and encouraged dissemination of research findings to the members of the child health policy community to inform their discussions. The initiative began in 1999 with nine studies funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Seven of the studies examined individual state programs; two were national in scope. The grantees were directed to collaborate with others to develop joint products (e.g., cross-state examinations of particular aspects of S-CHIPs). In early 2003, an evaluation examined the dissemination of grantee findings and products, documented the apparent impact of these dissemination efforts, and developed recommendations to guide the provision of technical assistance to further enhance dissemination of information to the policy community. The evaluation found that: the research conducted resulted in policy changes to state delivery systems and enrollment processes for low-income children; there was a positive impact on state policy; the policy community members participating in CHIRI case studies reported relatively high familiarity with the CHIRI grantees (with a number of policy stakeholders indicating that they communicated regularly with grantees about ongoing research projects and received notice from them about important findings); and, as a result of familiarity with CHIRI findings on S-CHIP disenrollment issues, one state S-CHIP Director used the CHIRI "Disenrollment Issue Brief" to influence state policy.

PIC ID: 8168; Agency Sponsor: AHRQ-OPART, Office on Performance, Accountability, Resources and Technology; Federal Contact: David Introcaso; 301-427-1213; Performer: Johnson, Bassin and Shaw, Inc., Silver Spring, MD.

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