Performance Improvement 2005. Mammography Quality Standard Act: Fifth Biennial Government Entity Declaration Program Audit 2004


This fifth annual audit report of mammography facilities, was conducted by the Division of Planning and Finance at the request of the Division of Mammography Quality and Radiation Programs. The Mammography Quality Standards Act Government Entity Declaration Program requires that mammography facilities submit an annual self-certification form to be exempted from the yearly mammography inspection fee; specifically, to be exempt as a government entity, a facility must either (1) qualify as a government owned facility, or (2) receive at least 50% of their mammography screening funding through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) under the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention Act of 1990. The purpose of the audit is twofold: 1) to notify mammography facilities that they will be held accountable for their self-certification for fee exemption and 2) to determine the rate of compliance with this MQSA program. The audit surveyed government entities and found a verification rate of 60%, which was well below the acceptable target rate of 90% developed as part of the audit plan. Therefore, a majority of government entity mammography facilities were out of compliance.

PIC ID: 8134; Agency Sponsor: FDA, Food and Drug Administration; Federal Contact: Cook, Cindy, 301- 594-1284; Performer: FDA, Rockville, MD

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