Performance Improvement 2005. Findings From the Cancer Information Service 2003 User Survey


The Cancer Information Service (CIS) provides cancer information and education to cancer patients, their friends and families, the general public, and health professionals through a network of 14 regional contracts; it serves all 50 States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and U.S. Territories. The CIS provides recorded cancer information, NCI publications, and personalized cancer information in English and Spanish, offered by trained Cancer Information Specialists, through a toll-free number (1-800-4-CANCER). Users also can access information on smoking cessation (1-877-44U-QUIT). The CIS responds to cancer inquires via LiveHelp, a Web-based instant messaging service, and a TTY line for the deaf and hard of hearing. The purpose of this study was to evaluate satisfaction and the effect of the service on users. A 10 minute telephone survey was administered by trained interviewers no more than 2 to 3 weeks after an individual contacted the CIS. The core of the survey contained 19 questions, with additional branching questions that total 48 items. Survey domains assessed: user satisfaction; increased self-efficacy in communicating with a doctor or other health professional, personal health promotion, and cancer-related decision making; increased user intention to pursue treatment options or clinical trials; and, increased behavior related to pursuit of treatment options or clinical trials or tobacco prevention. Findings included: (1) Users were satisfied with the service they received; (2) CIS is an effective source of information and education about cancer; (3) users had increased confidence in their ability to seek more information about cancer or a tobacco related issue.

PIC ID: 8066; Agency Sponsor: NIH-NCI, National Cancer Institute; Federal Contact: LaPorta, Madeline, 301-594-8025; Performer: Matthews Media Group, Rockville, MD

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