Performance Improvement 2005. Final Report of the Mid-program Evaluation at Florida International University


This study was a mid-program evaluation of Advanced Research Cooperation in Environmental Health grants at Florida International University (FIU) and Florida A&M University (FAMU). The grants established research partnerships between investigators at a research-intensive university and a minority-serving institution (MSI). Each program included research, pilot projects, and support of core facilities that were placed at the MSI. The evaluations were performed by independent experts and were comprised of written responses to questions and a site visit. Grantees were provided with recommendations. Findings at FIU included the collaborative interactions developed with the University of Miami, significant institutional commitment from FIU and the effective leadership provided by the co-PIs. FIU has generated new research funding and begun to publish. Other recommendations included planning to expand capabilities of the core facility and make it self-supporting; co-PIs participate in research administration organizations, and continue their self-evaluation program. FAMU had strong institutional commitment, had generated new funding, and had established three fully operational facilities cores. Concerns include productivity, mentoring, and constructive communication.

PIC ID: 8126; Agency Sponsor: NIH-NIEHS, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences; Federal Contact: Barnes, Martha, 919-541-3336; Performer: (unknown),

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