Performance Improvement 2005. Child SUPPORT and TANF Interaction: Literature Review


This literature review summarizes current research on the interaction between TANF and child support, including the child support receipt by current and former TANF recipients, the effect of child support receipt on TANF exit and reentry, and reductions in poverty associated with child support receipt. It also reviews the limited research on how specific welfare policies affect child support receipt. Welfare and child support programs have long been intertwined. Given the common populations served and the role that child support payments play in self-sufficiency and cost recovery, understanding the interaction between child support and welfare is important. This literature review will inform a secondary analysis of national survey data and state administrative data to determine how child support interacts with TANF exit or reentry, to be released next year.

PIC ID: 8109; Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OHSP, Office of Human Services Policy; Federal Contact: Burnszynski, Jennifer, 202-690-8651; Performer: Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation, New York, NY

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