Performance Improvement 2005. Child Maltreatment Evaluation


The purpose of this project was to program a database to house information about child maltreatment programs and evaluations of these programs and then identify and abstract applicable documents into the database. The need for such a database was one of the recommendations of a comprehensive plan that was developed in response to a Congressional request for an initiative that would prevent physical and emotional injuries associated with child maltreatment and neglect. Four types of programs were included in the database: 1) programs aimed at the general public whose primary purpose is to reduce the incidence of new occurrences of child maltreatment (primary prevention); 2) programs aimed at individuals at risk of perpetrating child maltreatment (secondary prevention); 3) programs aimed at victims of child maltreatment, neglect or abuse (tertiary prevention); and 4) programs aimed at service delivery. The database includes articles and documents published after 1980, and includes 149 documents that were abstracted into the database. The final report describes the methods and coding documents used to develop the database.

PIC ID: 8051; Agency Sponsor: CDC, Centers for Disease Control; Federal Contact: Howerton, Annie, 770-488-1282; Performer: Battelle, Arlington, VA

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