Performance Improvement 2005. Chapter I - Program Evaluation at the Department of Health and Human Services


This Performance Improvement 2005 report presents to Congress a comprehensive summary of evaluation projects completed by the Department. The Office of the Secretary, and agencies comprising the Department, engage in extensive evaluation activities; some are required by statute, others are determined to be essential by an individual agency, the Department, or the President. Evaluation is a core Federal program management responsibility along with strategic planning, policy and budget development, and program operation (Figure 1, Performance Management System).

Performance Management System

figure 1

Figure 1

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is responsible for more than 300 separate programs costing taxpayers over $500 billion annually for health and social service support payments and approximately $70 billion for discretionary programs. DHHS spends about $2.6 billion for research, demonstration, and evaluation activities. Successful evaluations increase the likelihood of effective delivery of public services through these programs and insure that programs are efficient, targeted to their intended clients, and well managed.


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