Performance Improvement 2004. Valuation of Morbidity Losses: Meta-Analysis of Willingness-to-Pay and Health Status Measures


The study examined the feasibility of strengthening the FDA Center for Food Safety and Nutrition’s ability to assess regulatory alternatives health benefit costs. To conduct regulatory impact analyses, the Center needs reliable, cost-effective benefits assessment methods. The Center doesn’t have resources to conduct original research on the value of all health outcomes affected by its actions. It must make best use of existing research on health valuation to inform its decisions. It relies largely on “benefit transfer” approaches based on an integrated statistical analysis of results from the existing health valuation literature. The study found that by combining the findings from multiple studies, it is feasible to specify and demonstrate a benefit transfer function for acute health effects; it was possible to compare value estimates based on this function with estimates based on separate benefit transfer approaches that the Center has used for regulatory analysis. The study demonstrated that integrated statistical analysis for acute effects lays an important foundation for assessing values for chronic health effects.

PIC ID: 8087
Agency Sponsor: FDA-CFSAN, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
Federal Contact: Jessup, Amber, 301-426-1689
Performer: RTI International, Research Triangle Park, NC

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