Performance Improvement 2004. Tobacco Education Networks in Communities of Color: Identifying Barriers to Success: Final Report


The study examines the development of ethnic-specific Tobacco Education Networks in seven states. Several state tobacco control programs are at various stages of establishing tobacco prevention and control initiatives, such as statewide ethnic-specific Tobacco Education Networks for African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian/Pacific Islanders, American Indians, and other identified groups. These initiatives share a common goal: to assist states in tailoring tobacco control and prevention efforts that are ethnically and culturally relevant and appropriate. The role of each state’s Tobacco Education Networks in developing culturally sensitive tobacco control programs for various U.S. racial and ethnic minority groups was studied. Some of the key findings include the following: (1) funding allocation and distribution has a direct and significant impact on a Network’s ability to build capacity; (2) all state tobacco control programs offer some degree of assistance to support the local Networks in planning, implementing, and evaluating their initiatives, however, most of the Network staff interviewed reported that the state program staff were not equipped to respond to the large variety of queries sent in by the Networks; (3) practices in tobacco control initiatives within communities of color are not based on rigorous social science; and (4) the continual loss of experienced staff severely affects state Networks’ ability to build capacity. Rigorous evaluation research is necessary to provide sound guidelines for tobacco control and prevention initiatives in communities of color. Respondents from six of the seven states identified the lack of adequate and consistent funding to the state’s tobacco control program as the one common element in all the barriers faced by states in implementing Tobacco Education Networks. Consistent funding is necessary to facilitate capacity building and sustainability in the Tobacco Education Networks.

PIC ID: 7815.1
Agency Sponsor: ASPE-OPPS, Office of Planning and Policy Support
Federal Contact: ChannahSorah, Vijaya, 202-260-3815
Performer: RTI International, Research Triangle Park, NC

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