Performance Improvement 2004. Review of the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria


The goal of the review was to provide a perspective to the program leadership and to the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria (MIM) Secretariat on the past five years of activities under MIM and to provide some suggestions for program enhancement over the next five years. An international panel of experts came to the NIH for one week to review the MIM program. The panel was divided into teams according to their area of expertise: planning and administration, partnerships and management, and research and science. The panel heard presentations from all the component programs of MIM and conducted over 40 in- person and telephone interviews with persons supported by or associated with MIM. The panel utilized interview protocols. The review found MIM to be a healthy, growing group of four component organizations--an administrative arm (the Secretariat), a funding arm (MIMTDR), an electronic- communications arm (MIMCOM) and a research material arm (MR4). The component organization’s work was found to have been impressive, especially in bringing African scientists together through improving communication and building science-focused institutional networks.

PIC ID: 7892
Agency Sponsor: NIH-FIC, Fogarty International Center
Federal Contact: Kupfer, Linda, 301-496-3288
Performer: Abt Associates Inc., Cambridge, MA

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