Performance Improvement 2004. Resource Document: National Survey of Physical Activity and Physical Fitness in Youth


This project collected relevant information regarding the design, development and conduct of surveys of physical fitness and physical activity among children and adolescents, and to synthesize and summarize this information into a final report. The design, development, and conduct of a National Youth Physical Fitness and Physical Activity Survey requires a comprehensive working knowledge of large-scale surveys that have measures of physical fitness and/or physical activity among youth that include protocols and measures used, findings, and implications for the design and conduct of future surveys. In addition, it is important to learn how the previous information from youth surveillance studies have been used by schools, communities, researchers and program planners to develop an analytic plan for newly-collected information. The final report includes information on 114 different studies on physical fitness and 171 different studies on physical activity. The information presented in this report will be used to design and develop a nationally representative youth physical fitness and physical activity surveillance system.

PIC ID: 7702
Agency Sponsor: CDC-NCCDPHP, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Federal Contact: Fulton, Janet, 404-488-5430
Performer: Macro International, Inc., Calverton, MD

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