Performance Improvement 2004. IDS Solutions for Transferring Medication Information Across Patient Care Settings: AHRQ Fact Sheet Assessment


This research project focused on information exchange between ambulatory care and acute care settings in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the medication information transfer process and identify likely process failures, which can be addressed practically. An important part of ensuring patient safety is the effective transmission of medication information across care settings. Inaccurate or incomplete information is a leading cause of medical error. This qualitative study used various data collection approaches to improve our understanding of the medication information transfer process. In the study of integrated delivery system solutions for transferring medication data across patient care settings, Research Triangle Institute developed a model showing that use of an electronic medication list at hospital admission and discharge may reduce by 50 percent the risks and errors associated with poor information transfer. Examples of these risks are medication omissions, wrong doses, and allergic reactions. Providence Hospital in Portland, OR, is using the study findings to reduce medication errors.

PIC ID: 7682.2
Agency Sponsor: AHRQ, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Federal Contact: Morgan, Kelly, 301-594-1782
Performer: Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC

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