Performance Improvement 2004. How to differentiate your organization and convey value to your target audiences


Seeking to apply marketing techniques to public goods, this project addressed how to develop a value proposition, define your audience’s attributes and desired outcomes, conduct audience research, and develop audience specific communication strategies. These steps also included in-depth interviews with participants and the development of audience profiles. Successful communications occur when the organization and key audiences are aligned. Brand identity of an organization is a key concept in successful communication in that it differentiates a relevant, enduring, and credible promise of value associated with a product, service, or organization and indicates the source of that value. Findings indicated a good response to the communication strategies that resulted in the development of valued relationships, and building of awareness and buy-in to the research agenda of the brand. However, it was also determined that more work is to be done to maintain the confidence of audience participants, which is directly related to building credibility with audiences as a new, and perhaps unproven, brand.

PIC ID: 8000
Agency Sponsor: CDC, Centers for Disease Control
Federal Contact: Cheal, Nancy, 404- 639-7222
Performer: ORC Macro, Calverton, MD

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