Performance Improvement 2004. Healthy people 2010 community implementation (microfinancing) grants


The purpose of this report was to evaluate the effectiveness of promoting Healthy People (HP) 2010 objectives through the distribution of small grants to non-profit organizations. Methods: Yale University’s Prevention Research Center awarded “microgrants” of $2,010 to 103 organizations throughout Connecticut. Recipients completed 103 baseline and 84 follow-up surveys related to organizational capacity and knowledge about Healthy People 2010. In addition, sixty-seven control group organizations from Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts were selected for comparative analysis. Data Analysis: Descriptive statistics were calculated on the baseline and end of project surveys that were administered to the recipients of microgrants and the non-funded control group. Knowledge and utilization of HP 2010 objectives were assessed using a Likert scale. Differences among types of organizations (e.g., health and human service, educational, civic) and the focus areas/Healthy People 2010 objectives selected were also compared. Results: At the start of the study 44% of the grant recipients and 79% of the control group agencies indicated low levels of familiarity with HP 2010 goals and objectives as measured on a 10-point Likert scoring three or less (lowest levels of knowledge). Changes in knowledge of HP 2010 goals for the microgrant group increased significantly from 5.24 + 3.67 to 7.83 + 1.86 (p < .05) by the end of the project. The microgrant and control group had largely similar organizational characteristics (e.g., size, age, population served) however, more of the control group represented Health and Human Service organizations. The top five HP 2010 focus areas targeted by the grant agencies were nutrition and overweight, physical activity, access to quality health services, substance abuse and tobacco use. Conclusions: A significant proportion of agencies working in public health are largely unfamiliar with the nation’s health agenda represented by Healthy People 2010. Microgrants can be an effective way to promote Healthy People 2010 and broaden the scope of non- traditional agencies such as faith-based and civic organizations working to achieve the Healthy People 2010 goals and objectives.

PIC ID: 7831
Agency Sponsor: OPHS-ODPHP, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Federal Contact: Martone, Sue, 202-205-5820
Performer: Prevention Research Program, Biometry Branch, Bethesda, MD

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