Performance Improvement 2004. A guide for public health agencies developing, adopting, or purchasing interactive web-based data dissemination systems


This project developed guidelines to aid agencies in making web-related decisions. The information presented in these guidelines provides a framework for making an informed decision about whether to develop, adopt, or purchase a Web-based data dissemination system. Increasingly, public health agencies are using the Internet to disseminate data. Many of these agencies are in various stages of developing, adopting, or purchasing systems that will better enable them to combine data from different sources, improve the timeliness, accuracy, and quality of the data, and present the data in a way that is useful to their constituents. The increased activity and interest by state and local health agencies have created a need for uniform guidance to address the key organizational, technical, and system design issues  involved in developing, adopting, or purchasing a system for Web-based data dissemination. The guidelines also outline the key tasks and steps within each task required for implementation, with attention to best practices in usability and accessibility of Web-based systems. The guidelines focus on the user interface of a system; they are not intended to address the complete process of designing an entire Web application. By following the steps contained in these guidelines, public health agencies will have: (1) conducted a full analysis of implications and costs associated with their choice of option (2) completed the individual stages of implementing the developed, adopted or purchased system (3) tested and evaluated the system, and (4) developed an ongoing maintenance plan. Incorporating the best practices and procedures addressed in the many references and resources provided throughout the guidelines, and using the hands-on tools provided in the appendices, will help ensure that the developed, adopted, or purchased system is consistent with industry standards, federal guidelines, and the specific needs of the public health agency within the environment and context in which it operates.

PIC ID: 7751.6
Agency Sponsor: CDC-EPO, Epidemiology Program Office
Federal Contact: Schumacher, Patricia, 770-488-8375
Performer: ORC Macro, Calverton, MD

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