Performance Improvement 2004. Develop a National Research Agenda for Injury Prevention and Control


This project developed a national research agenda for injury prevention and control through an inclusive consensus-building process. “Injury in America,” a 1985 Institute of Medicine report, concluded that injury rates could be reduced by supporting injury prevention research and determining how to persuade people to use successful interventions. The report called on CDC to lead the national development of a research capacity in injury prevention and control with balance across the varied scientific disciplines of the field and to consider all projects that might prove fruitful for reducing injury morbidity, even if the benefits were evident only in the short term. The results of this research agenda-setting process are being used in the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control’s new research initiatives and research program announcements.

PIC ID: 7696
Agency Sponsor: CDC-NCIPC, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Federal Contact: Waxweiler, Richard, 770-488-4850
Performer: Macro International, Inc., Atlanta, GA

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